Februar 2, 2017

Founder’s Message

HATKO A.Ş. has been established in January 1973. The mission of our company has always been to be in the leading sectors of the Turkish economy. We always aimed at providing value added both to the related sectors and to the overall Turkish economy and to unemployment which is one of the most important issues in Turkey

Our corporate goal and motto that prevails since our establishment is:


Keeping to this motto, we have provided engineering, consultancy know-how services and raw materials to the Iron and Steel Industry, being one of the primary input industries in the years our company was established. Having earned a well-deserved reputation in this sector, we also pioneered with “Yavuz” class frigate business which was one of the most prestigious projects of the Shipbuilding Industry and the Turkish Navy.

Our company has not only been the pioneer in importing the first metallurgical coal from Australia and Ukraine for the Turkish Iron and Steel Industry, but was a leader in various other sectors as well:

As a group of companies, we are involved in various diverse activities, among them cable connectors production, PVC window systems production with the German Thyssen Group, yachting in the tourism sector, fishfarming in the food sector.

As Chairman of HATKO Group of Companies, I have been elected in 1996 to the Supervisory Board of the Blohm + Voss Shipyard of ThyssenKrupp Group as the first Turkish and foreign member of the Supervisory Board and in 2001 to the Advisory Board of the German Deutsche Bank Nord.

HATKO A.S. is also a member of many commercial and social associations.

Our mission is to add value to the Turkish Industry and Trade in the most effective way and we believe that we have achieved this goal through projects finalized in team work within our Group.

As mentioned above, client satisfaction has always been the priority for our Group.


I would like to use this opportunity to express my gratitude to all of our local and foreign clients who, with their support contributed to the current standing of HATKO and wish that our fruitful business corporation continues in the future.

Let’s meet, be friends, do business and contribute to the world economy.


Sincerely Yours

M. Ertuğrul Hataylı

Chairman of HATKO Group of Companies