March 11, 2017




Having established close and intensive relations with the Iron and Steel Factories in Turkey, trading activities in long/flat, semi-finished and finished products mainly with France, USA, Ukraine, Russia and with various European countries are carried out. Besides the sale of these iron-steel based products; transportation, finance, and marketing services are submitted to our customers. Since it has been established, HATKO is continuously increasing the business volume with better service understanding.


Turkey has become the world’s 8th largest steel producer with a production capacity of 50 million tons and an output capacity of 33 million tons in 2016. World steel production was 1.6 billion tons in 2016.


Mainly supplied from America, Ukraine, Russia and the CIS countries, European countries (France, Greece), and some of the North Africa countries (Tunisia); A3 Grade, HMS 1/2, Shredded, Bonus quality raw materials are put at the disposal of Turkish iron and steel industry.


Other Products:


  • Semi-finished Products : Steel Billets
  • Long Steel Products : Debars, wire rods, angles, flat bars, square bars, round bars, INP and UPN profiles, T-Profiles, alloyed steel bars (import-export)
  • Flat Steel Products : Hot rolled steel sheets and coils,

Hot rolled steel plates,

Cold rolled steel sheets and coils,

Cold rolled steel plates,

Steel trips

  • Steel Pipe Products: Welded pipes and square profiles (exported), seamless pipes


Other materials / products traded:


– Refractory materials

– Pig iron

– Ferro Alloys (feSiMn, FeSi, FeMn)


Work Principles of our Sales & Marketing Team:


  • To respond to all customer needs on time and accurately.
  • To cover customer needs providing the most complicated commercial solutions if necessary.
  • Providing the best available sales alternatives to the customer by making use of the sourcing, transportation, and finance know-how and experience of the company.






HATKO Group of Companies., providing high quality coal to the Turkish Industry since the day of its establishment, has been the pioneer with its achievements in the coal sector and has always been a reliable company for its local and foreign associates as a result of its working principles.


HATKO, offering solutions to various industrial fields with the know-how and experience which is gained throughout years, provides the Iron and Steel Industry with coking coal, metallurgical coke, anthracite and ferro alloys and the Turkish Industry utilize energy coal and coke with HATKO products guarantee.


HATKO actively applies all legal measures to protect the environment as it does in all its activities.