March 17, 2017


HATKO Aquaculture started production in 1991 in Eceabat / Canakkale and now continues to produce sea bream and sea bass fish in the Mugla region and exports a large part of its production to European countries.


HATKO established the first offshore fish farm in the Mugla region in Bodrum. The current capacity of the facilities is 3,720 tons / year and the investments are constantly increasing.


HATKO Aquaculture has five facilities located in the Mugla region.


  1. Hataylı Hatchery: The hatchery located in Milas-Oren has a capacity of 15.000.000 pieces per year and it grows sea bass and sea bream puppies up to 4 gr from egg.
  2. Cage Facilities: Four fishery units established in the region with a fixed sea depth of 57 meters at 1 mile from Kucuk Tavsan Island connected to Gundogan and 2 miles from the mainland, produce fish and export according to European standards. Production is done without using any medicines or chemicals by using the advantages of water quality and flow in the region.




Address; Göltürkbükü Mahallesi Bülent Ecevit Caddesi No 46/3

Bodrum / Muğla

Tel : +90 252 357 74 14 / 357 72 14

Fax: +90 252 357 75 14